Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

My Van is Allergic to Yreka

I made excellent time getting out of the Bay Area, with almost no traffic issues. After spending an hour online at Vacaville catching up on work, I got back on the road and did some low-altitude flying along I-5, getting way ahead of my planned schedule by the time I got to Redding. I then managed to use up all of my planned time and cushion fiddling around online at the Starbucks at Redding, and went from being +30 to -30 as I pulled back onto I-5 and the rain began to fall.

I-5 through the Sacramento Valley is a speedway, but beyond Redding it climbs up into the mountains, and changes nature dramatically. Also, I needed to take it easy on the rainy road at night.

On the climb out of Weed heading to Yreka, once again the Service Engine Soon light lit up on my dashboard. I say again because I seem to remember this happening at almost exactly the same place under similar conditions on my last drive north last year. I'm trying not to worry about it, because as I recall, the dealership (this was the trip where the air conditioner broke and had to be replaced) couldn't find any problem directly associated with the error code the computer threw. It just seems that my van doesn't really like long, steady climbs at altitude like this. Considering that it spends most of its time at just above sea level, I shouldn't be surprised by this, I reckon.

At the hotel, I was upgraded to a suite again, which was of course nice, and I found that I'd arrived while the Parade of Nations was still under way at the Vancouver Olympic Games. I think I enjoy that parade as much as any part of the ceremony, because you get to see something of the joy of the athletes, even those who are mainly just there to gain some experience. I settled in to watch the ceremony and ate the dinner that I'd picked up in Redding -- I'd bought some groceries there, which was a contributing factor, along with buying gasoline, to my late departure.

I enjoy the Olympics, although I'll probably not get to see a whole lot of this Winter Games due to my work and travel schedule. But at least I'll get to see the rest of the Opening Ceremonies tonight before turning in and trying to get some rest before the second half of the drive tomorrow.
Tags: olympics, travel

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