Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Good Traveling Weather

Today dawned slightly overcast and not what I would call cold, and as driving isn't very strenuous and treadmills are boring, after breakfast I got out for a walk around the hotel grounds and the adjacent RV park. My pedometer says I walked about 2,500 steps. As I was coming back to the hotel, I passed a couple who said, "We saw you getting all that good exercise and decided we'd better do the same thing."

Because the weather is so nice -- no snow, no rain, no heat -- I'm going to take a slight detour as the first part of today's driving, following the roads that track the old SP (now CORP, currently moribund as Central Oregon & Pacific have suspended Siskiyou Pass service) for a little while before rejoining I-5 at Hornbrook. Road reports show dry pavement and 2 inches of roadside snow over the pass, so it looks like it should be a good day, assuming my van doesn't get too testy about having to make the climb over the hill.
Tags: travel

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