Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

But Could I Possibly Have the Time?

So I'm informed that my initial application to be considered for the California legislative district redistricting commission has passed the bar and that I've been invited to submit a stage 2 application, which also involves getting letters of recommendation. But OTOH, it also would require fairly substantial amounts of my time between January and September 2011. The e-mail is daunting about the time commitment.

Holding numerous public hearings at locations throughout the State to determine which communities share common interests and should share common representation. During the hearings, testimony and presentations may be lengthy. Each hearing will require multiple members of the commission to be in attendance, and most meetings will likely be conducted in the evenings and on weekends to accommodate the public's schedules.

Reviewing and discussing data that is pertinent to the setting of geographic boundaries for the different districts. This includes the census data from which the districts will be drawn, computer modeling of the census data to create potential districts, and the discussion and compromise that must accompany a process where the State's political future will be decided for a 10-year period.

Hiring and directing the commission's staff in the many tasks that will be required for the commission to function effectively and efficiently. This may include drafting and promulgating regulations; appointing a staff director; scheduling meetings and hearings, including the advanced notification of interested parties; maintaining records of the commission's deliberations; overseeing payroll, travel reimbursements, equipment purchases, and maintenance; and communicating with the entities that will request information regarding the commission's progress.

Voting for the approval of the final maps developed in the redistricting process after an extended period of public debate and compromise through different iterations of proposed district maps.

How much time each commissioner will devote to the process and which tasks will be assigned to each individual commissioner will be up to the commission. However, carrying out the duties of the commission should be first and foremost for each commissioner during the 8 1/2 month period the commission has to define the State's political districts for the next 10 years.

While I think I'd make a good commissioner, I'm very concerned that I'd not be able to devote the time to do the job properly. But if good qualified people don't apply, how can we hope to get a good, equitable result?
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