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Staying Dry (and Cold) in Oregon

If you're curious about how yesterday went for me, there is a backdated entry talking about it. (Short version: power failure around the time I would have written something for LJ.)

It was astonishingly dry and bright and sunny today in Oregon. It was also very cold, although the winds that I talk about in the entry referenced above subsided sufficiently that Lisa was able to go up onto the roof and repair the two support struts whose screws had worked loose in the storm. The plastic sheeting that covers the shelter had managed to drag the support beams on the bottom (which anchor the bottom of the sheeting to the poles that hold up the shelter) up about six inches. She undid the various U-bolts that hold things together and pushed everything back into place. Lisa says she'd prefer to have an all-metal-roof shelter, but one big enough for the trailer would cost at least $3000, and we have other things on which to spend the money.

Last night, after having been stymied by the lack of an internet connection at my father-in-law's house, I went back to the trailer and played Locomotion with Lisa. No internet connection was needed for the two of us to play a networked game, as I was able to get the computers connected with an ethernet crossover connector. (Woohoo! No more having to haul the spare hub and power supply around to network the two computers with each other!) Lisa and I played a scenario she'd developed called "Paper Chase" in which the goal was to move 100,000 tons of paper within twenty years. This is a two-stage process: carry lumber from forests to paper mills, then move the paper to printing plants. This was IMO quite challenging and the solution was not at all obvious. (The key: don't try moving the lumber right away, but instead do something else to generate ready cash, then build a paper mill nearer the forests than the ones loaded into the scenario.) Not too surprisingly, Lisa defeated me handily.

Today's adventure was to go out to the Polk County Fairgrounds in Rickreall for the Salem Hamfair. However, this event runs from 9 AM to 2 PM, with the dealers mostly starting to break down and leave before 1 PM, and we'd been up so late last night playing Locomotion that we didn't get going until late. We nearly missed the show entirely, and as it was about a third of the dealers had already left by the time we got there. Lisa did quickly look through what was there, but didn't find a lot that interested her. It was a bit of a disappointment.

Lisa sent me over to her father's house this evening to see if the internet had come back, which it had or else you wouldn't be reading this. There wasn't much urgent in the mail today, although we should expect (I hope) to finally get a formal announcement from CWSFA soon about the various grants we decided to issue back last November. I also discovered that I must have lost the source WinWord file from the SFSFC SMOFCon Scholarship application form in a disk failure I had a while back, because it's not on either my laptop or my work desktop machine. CWSFA wanted the source file because we expect to offer a similar sort of scholarship to send a Western Canadian conrunner or two to ConComCon this June, and they wanted to adapt the application form for their use. We have the PDF, but we'll have to recreate the form from scratch rather than being able to modify the source file. I also hope the CWSFA webmaster will be able to make a web-form for submissions. Most of the SFSFC scholarship applications are received through the web form, not the paper application.

Meanwhile, it's darn cold here, although not as cold as it is in Winnipeg. (John Mansfield gave me a call while Lisa was driving us to the Hamfest, and told me it was down to -40 there. He started translating the earlier cold temps out of Celsius -- As I hope you all know, -40 is the same in both systems -- and I said, "Don't bother; remember, I speak Metric.") It's a good thing there was no moisture in this storm, or else we'd probably have several feet of snow drifted up around us. Some ice fell off a vehicle in front of our trailer a couple of days ago, and the chunks of ice were still there this afternoon.

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