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Adjusting to the New Commute

Today I drove to my new office the way I thought I should have done in the first place, rather than the way MapQuest says is best, and I was right. The commute is almost exactly five miles longer than the old office in Redwood Shores -- 25 miles one-way instead of 20 from my apartment in Fremont. And there are far fewer bottlenecks and clogs on the Dumbarton Bridge/US-101 route than the I-880/San Mateo Bridge route.

Mind you, that is still a 25% increase in miles driven. I'd like to figure out some way to work from home one day a week -- it would offset the longer drive. My current lease runs through February; I have to start looking around here and seeing if there is any place nearer to my office where the reduced commute would offset the sure-to-be-higher rent.

Meanwhile, it's back to real work: I've been asked to make a change in the project-tracking software I wrote that forces people to enter a status when they create a project. People have not been doing so, and because it defaults to status "unknown," those people's projects haven't been showing up in reports of open projects (or any other type, for that matter). Now part of the problem is that the reports were not written by me, and the person who did so was insufficiently imaginative -- I don't think she realized that she needed reports that collected projects in oddball states -- but I'll fix it.

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