Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Cutting It Fine

After one of the briefer SFSFC Board of Directors Meetings of late (only two hours), I managed to get my stuff packed away and my van loaded. I'm taking more stuff south with me than when I came north a month ago, what with buying a new monitor and printer in tax-free Oregon. The heavier and larger Match Game SF pieces will stay behind for Lisa to bring to Norwescon as part of her new and greatly improved Tech Kit.

I got away from Mehama about 2:45, including a stop at the Java Stop out on highway 22, where I cashed in my frequent-buyer card for a free 20 oz mocha. I have one of the buy 10/get 1 free cards left, and then there will be no more as they retired the promotion last year but will continue to honor previously issued cards.

I made excellent time heading south, getting to Medford before 8 PM, even though I stopped at one rest area and also stopped for 30 minutes at Grants Pass to buy groceries and stuff for dinner for when I got to the hotel about a half hour after that. The battery ran out on my MP3 player between Grants Pass and Medford; I wish I'd known it was about to go when I stopped at Grant's Pass, but it's not that big a deal.

The hotel in Medford is nice enough, and upgraded me to a mini-suite. I think these room upgrades are probably easier for them to do when I'm only staying for one night, because I usually don't get them on the longer stays. (The upgrade at Columbus was paid, not free.)

I was a little nervous when the internet connection (wireless only; no wired connection available) didn't immediately come up, but it eventually appeared, although it has bounced up and down several times this evening.

After having dinner, I sat down to (finally) completely my Hugo Nominating Ballot, which took me more than an hour, but at least I did get it filed a few minutes ago, with about 90 minutes to spare. Now I can go to bed with a clear conscience.

Tonight, of course, is the worst night of the year to be renting a hotel room, as it's Time Change Night and I lose an hour of sleep -- which is not so great considering that I still have between 450 and 500 miles to drive tomorrow, including swinging over to Sutter to visit my grandfather. It makes me wish I was more tired than I am right now, but unfortunately, the coffee I drank this afternoon to keep me awake while driving is now still working on me.
Tags: hotels, hugo award, match game, travel

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