Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Digging Out

I slowly am working through the backlog of tasks that built up over the past month (and the two before that). I've dropped my (and Lisa's) DUFF ballots in the mail so they should arrive by the end of the month when they're due.

One reason I stopped in Sutter on the way back from Oregon was to collect my granfather's tax papers, on account of I prepare his income tax returns for him. Last night I finished preparing them -- not difficult since I already have a copy of TurboTax for my own return -- and dropped the results into the mail back to Sutter for him to sign and file.

Maybe this weekend I'll get the old, broken printer taken down and get the new printer I bought in Oregon installed. And I can start opening the lower-priority mail. I forgot to weigh the basket, but I'm sure there was at least ten pounds of mail waiting for me, even excluding the two book-club packages that I immediately refused on account of they were the result of me not replying to the respond-by-this-date note. That's twice this has happened in the past four months, and for the same reason -- I'm traveling too much.
Tags: household
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