Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
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When I found that the dishwasher would not run, but would only fill with water and leak onto the floor, I let the property-management company know about it. This afternoon, a repairman came to look into the matter. Initially I thought it was going to be one of those cases where the problem won't recur while the mechanic was there, because the first thing he did was to turn it on, and presto! it worked. But he did have a closer look, and determined that the motor has a leak, which was causing an intermittent failure, including causing the thing not to drain properly because a valve would stick closed. Now the ball is back in the owner's court; the repairman has reported the issue, and the owner of this unit (through the property management company) will need to decide how they want to handle it.

I should add here that most of the time we complain about service people like repair not showing up when they say they will. This guy predicted "between 2 and 4" and was here just a few minutes after 2. He worked very efficiently, too. So there are good service professionals out there.
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