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Spam Storm

A couple of days ago, my e-mail account was deluged with spam. Much of it was being caught by the filters, but there was a lot more of it than usual. I was getting more spam in an hour than I usually get in a week. Just dumping the spam filter was getting time consuming, and not all of the messages were getting caught in the filter. Examining a few of them, I found that they were all pretty much the same spam item, all being sent to [various random names] I have been the default address for [anything not otherwise defined] for a while now, so I was getting every one of those messages.

In order to turn off the tap, I had to go and change the default mail handling so that mail to anything but one of a fairly small number of defined mail is discarded without reading. This means, by the way, that nearly every e-mail alias on the con's web site is now defunct, as I haven't had time to go through and create mail alias "recipies" for them. Not that many of them were being used; I think we may have had one or two more or less real messages in the past year or so.

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