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Uh, Oh, That's Not a Cat...

I went for a walk down to the train station after dinner tonight. As I neared the station, I saw a cat dash across the road in front of me. I though little of it; there are lots of feral cats in the area, and people have been leaving out food for them, which encourages them. Then, about twenty meters ahead of me, a black fuzzy shape lumbered across my path. "Hm, that's not a cat," I though, and then froze. It was a skunk!

I hoped that if I stayed where I was, the skunk wouldn't notice me and would go on along with its business, which appeared to be attempting to cross the street toward the Centerville Cemetery. Then a car appeared, heading toward the skunk, which momentarily stopped, silhouetted by the car's headlights. "Please don't hit the skunk," I prayed, not wanting to be anywhere nearby, and I began back-pedaling.

The skunk scampered away the way it had come, and the car shot past. I changed course and took a different walking route tonight.
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