Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Prep Continues

I've been spending my evenings the last couple of days preparing the bits of Match Game SF material that are not in Oregon. That's the small parts: intros, outros, commercials, name tents, and some of the gift certificates not directly supplied by the sponsors. It's remarkably time-consuming, for all that it doesn't take up much space. In the next few days, I'll be putting together the actual questions I plan to use in Seattle. This will be a mix of previously used material from SiliCon and some new questions, particularly those with a Norwescon or Seattle spin on them.

Meanwhile, Lisa has let me know of the good and bad news regarding the show tech kit. She bought a nice big professional rolling crate to hold most of the show kit except the speakers. Everything fits, which is good. What is bad is that when the crate is full, it's too heavy for her to lift into the pickup truck. Moving it around on its wheels is fine, but there's nobody in Mehama to help her get the kit into the truck in the first place. She may need to do the packing the way one moves a bookshelf: move the case first, then the pieces that go into it. When she gets to Sea-Tac, we can move the kit together.
Tags: match game, norwescon

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