Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Norwescon Thursday Night

My flight was a little late getting in, and right after checking in, Lisa and I went off to have dinner, so we missed the major events at Norwescon tonight, that being the Opening Ceremonies and the Zombie Walk, although several people on the Norwescon Twitter Tracker already have photos posted.

After getting back from dinner and unpacked, Lisa and I (with Kuma Bear's help) posted Match Game SF fliers around the hotel. We also got an opportunity to scope out the room in which the show will be on Friday night. I think we'll need to be sure to be there right at 7 PM when the hotel starts to reset the room so we can get them to make some minor tweaks to the current plan. This is much easier to do before the set up the riser and lock it into place. Everything else we can do.

Lisa has all of the tech gear, including 100' of heavy-gauge electrical extension cord, which we need because all of the power outlets are on the opposite wall from where we need to set up the Tech Desk. We ran into NWC's Michale Citrak, who escorted us to the Tech Room, where they were able to supply us with the one piece of kit we didn't have with us: gaffer tape, for taping down the cables safely.

Then it was time to find an internet signal, with an eye toward Sunday's Hugo Award Announcement. It turns out that Westercon 64 doesn't actually have a fan table up here after all -- I think we must have forgotten to ask this year. Whoops. But that also means that we don't have a default location for people to gather for the announcement. The upstairs lobby set with tables and chairs would be a good place, but the downstairs wi-fi does not appear to reach there, and I think the conference room internet connectivity is not free. (I haven't tried it yet.) However, maybe we'll be able to secure some space in the downstairs lounge, as long as we buy some coffee and such. I'll probably be in my WSFS Uniform to serve as a relatively easy-to-spot target for "come see the Hugo Announcements here."

And now, although it's late, Lisa and I may go move a bunch of the Match Game kit into the room because it should be a lot easier to get a bell cart at 12:30 AM than during the rest of the day. I'm sort of dreading how hard it will be to get a cart tomorrow afternoon. I may start trying around 5:30 so we might have it in time to get the gear from our room out in wing 5A into the main part of the hotel and down to Cascade 9/10 by 7 PM, which is when we get the room. Because of the layout of this hotel and because our room on wing 5A is on the ground floor, it's going to be three separate elevator trips to get moved -- up from 1 to 2 on wing 5A, then over the skybridge to wing 6, then back down to 1, then across to wing 1 (the tower), the up to 2 where the Cascade rooms are. There's not much that can be done about it, although if it's not raining tomorrow evening, it might be faster to just cut across the parking lot rather than to traverse the habitrails.
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