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Match Game Wrap

Match Game SF went really well, apart from an embarrassment gaffe by me accidentally answering a question when I was trying to pose it to the contestant. This was our first show using the Tsuki Systems wireless microphone connection with my ECM-51A, and overall I think it went quite well. The room we had was just the right size; neither too crowded nor too roomy. The audience was enthusiastic, and we gave away some prizes.

The internet works in this room -- it's the same one we'll be using for the Hugo Award Announcement on Sunday afternoon -- and I'm using it right now to post this. But I can't last very long -- Lisa is taking the gear back to the hotel room, and I'm worn out and exhausted. I'm so happy that I have no panels Saturday until 6 PM and no commitments until then. Not setting an alarm for Saturday morning.
Tags: match game, norwescon

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