Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee


(Yes, I know that picture isn't a duck. I don't have anything else tagged for wildlife at the moment.)

After stopping by the property-management company that manages my apartment to deal with some paperwork this morning, I headed up Alvarado-Niles Blvd. toward I-880 on my way to the office. Up ahead on this busy four-lane divided major street, I saw a car slow, then swerve and continue, and a small brownish-yellow moving pile on the street. I slowed down significantly as the mother duck and her half-a-dozen or so ducklings milled around in the right lane.

I slowly approached them and started tapping on the horn to -- I hoped -- get them to retreat back to the right shoulder. To my horror, Mama Duck started leading them right out in front of me as I kept honking, hoping both to chivvy them along and to warn other drivers of the hazard. I was very concerned that traffic on this busy street was doing to see the slowdown, change to the left lane, and come zooming along and squash the duck family when they ventured out from behind the dubious shelter of my minivan.

Fortunately, the leader of the pack of cars in the left lane had showed some sense and also slowed down sufficiently to stop in time to let the ducks cross and get to the median. Other cars sensibly stayed back and didn't even block the intersection behind us. Once the ducks were clear, I continued on my way, so I don't know if the silly ducks managed to get all the way across the road or not. I hope so. Poor things!
Tags: wildlife

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