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No BayCon [For Me] This Year

I've had to make the decision to not attend BayCon this year. I had already arranged to spend two weeks in early June in Oregon, and at Lisa's request, I stretched that back an additional week to cover the Memorial Day weekend. That will allow me to drive up there (alas, driving on the busy "getaway day" of the Friday before Memorial Day) and spend the three weeks, returning on June 19-20, instead of flying up on June 4.

Sorry that we'll miss people at BayCon, but this should, with any sort of decent June weather, give us an opportunity to really tackle That Darn Roof, and will also allow us to attend the Sea-Pac ham conference in Seaside (June 4-6) without the usual sort of travel/time pressure we have on that weekend.

This afternoon I booked hotel stays for the trip up and back to Oregon in May-June, and also for the drive down and back to Pasadena for Westercon, using a combination of Priority Club points and cash depending on what was the better deal. I only need one more hotel night to renew my Platinum status for next year, so I won't be worrying as much over actually using some of the points I've accrued for either free or cheap nights.
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