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Minor Mystery Solved

Some of you may be aware the Lisa drove to Noreascon 4 in Boston. This meant that she was able to pick up a number of small items in the moving-out day disposition of items, and one of the things she picked up was the handy folding easel stand that we've used ever since for the Match Game SF question board. When she was consolidating several boxes of MGSF stuff into the new professional rolling case before Norwescon, she couldn't find the stand and had to go buy a new one. This was irritating.

Yesterday, while tidying up around the apartment, I found the Boston stand. Apparently in one of the many box-shuffling moves, I took the stand out of the old box in which it normally lives and forgot to put it back, and it stayed in California when I transported stuff north on my previous drive to Oregon. Mea Culpa.
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