Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Fish, Birds, Turtles, Etc.

I worked from home today and went for a walk after lunch. One of the park trails that had been flooded for a while has finally reopened because the water subsided, so I went that way for a change of pace. I disturbed a turkey vulture having its lunch — a big fat fish that it had hauled onto the shore. The vulture took wing and looped around, making low passes over me until I moved off far enough for it to resume eating.

Looping around the lake, I came upon a solitary goose standing in the path. It hissed at me but didn't want to give way. I told the goose I didn't care what it thought — I was coming through. As I passed, I spotted a turtle perched on a half-submerged tree branch in the pond. I didn't know we had turtles in that lake. The turtle lurched into the lake and swam off, and I continued down the trail. Continuing to take paths I normally don't use, I looped past the largest of the Quarry Lakes, the water in which is very high. I was astonished to hear and see fish noisily splashing around in the shallow water near the shore. I guess the feeding must be good in that area. If you wanted to fish there, you wouldn't need a hook and line — just a net and a long pole.

I thought of travelswithkuma and all of the fish as I completed my loop and headed back to work. It's nice being able to get away from the computers for a while every day.
Tags: exercise, wildlife

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