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Skype: Ur Doin It Wrong

I like Skype, really I do. I like having unlimited long-distance calls within the US and Canada for $30/year. That service paid for itself the first time I called Lisa and spoke for an hour. But they make it way too difficult to update your credit card information. The card I use for the subscription has expired. The subscription itself doesn't expire until next January. So I though I could go into my account and update the card information so that it auto-charges me another $30 next January. Nope. The only way to change your card information is to make a new order. So I had to buy an additional year's subscription for $30, which will be charged right away. At least I don't appear to have lost the credit for the existing subscription -- this just extends the existing subscription for an additional year. But it's a stupid system. Every other system I have that stores a credit card for a recurring payment allows me to update the card information for future use. It makes no sense to require a new purchase just to update user account information.
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