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Darn Computer Viruses

Despite having reasonably good anti-virus software on my main computer -- the work machine -- I do appear to have acquired a particularly nasty virus on that machine. It may be sufficiently nasty that I might have to have the IT people from work re-image the machine. I hope not, but the signs aren't great. I have the machine disconnected from the internet and managed to get into MSCONFIG before the darn thing loaded itself at startup and then disabled all services, and am now running various tools trying to get the virus (it appears to be called AXWIN, and the advice from Google searches makes me feel pretty bad) out of the machine.

I do have backups, and I'm not likely to lose significant data, but as usual, this sort of thing is highly annoying. Moreover, as some of the search results suggest that this particular bug is likely to have at least tried to harvest a lot of personal information like passwords, I'm now having to work on changing passwords in a lot of places, which is a huge hassle. Mumble, grumble.
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