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Dental Work

Yesterday was my semi-annual dental cleaning and checkup. My dentist informed me that an old filling that he had been watching was getting loose; in addition, there was a small crack in the tooth at that spot. An appointment of the right length opened up in the next day's schedule, so they slotted me in this morning.

Nobody likes having dental work, but Dr. Ferrer is better than other dentists I've had with applying the needle. There was a bit of twinge in the tooth as he ground out the old filling, but I would rather have a small amount of tolerable pain than have even more anesthetic, because I hate the puffy feeling thereafter and want it to wear off as soon as possible. The appointment was at 10:30 this morning, and here at 3:30 it has pretty much returned to normal.

The good news was that the crack turned out to be on the surface only and did not go any deeper, so he says the tooth will not need a crown. He used the tooth-colored material rather than metal (it's a back tooth, so appearance wasn't a factor) because the tooth-colored stuff has better adhesive properties.

Now I just have to keep from chewing on the right side of my mouth until after lunch tomorrow. Fortunately, neither hot nor cold liquids affect the bond, so I can still drink my coffee. And I finally made that pea soup using the split peas I bought at Whole Foods, so I have a relatively soft food to eat tonight.

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