Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Converter Annoyance

The place from which I bought a replacement multi-voltage power converter wrote back this morning and said, in effect, "Sorry, we lied when we said we had that part; here's your money back." So I had to go to my second choice, which ended up costing almost twice as much. At least in this case I later got a shipping confirmation, so they presumably actually are sending me the part. What I hope does not happen is that I end up with the next version of the part. Dell apparently re-used the same part number for two different items that do the same thing but are made by different OEMs. Besides the personal annoyance, this kind of sloppiness irritates me as a supply-chain-management professional. The two parts aren't the same, even though they both do the same thing, and you shouldn't re-use part numbers like that.
Tags: computers
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