Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Tidying Up Pays

This evening, after posting the Nebula Awards results on SF AwardsWatch, I started seriously working through the boxes of stuff I brought down from Yuba City. It turns out that at least two-thirds or more of it are papers I do not need or want to keep anymore, and I manged to throw about six boxes (each the size of a case of copy paper or larger) into the recycle bin. Some stuff I'll keep, and I'm packing them into new boxes. Some stuff will go to BASFA for auction, and others to good homes where I know they'll get used.

Along the way, I found an old $100 US Savings Bond issued in 1992 when I still worked for Blue Shield of California. That cost $50 at the time it was issued, is currently worth $129, and continues to accrue about 5.33% interest until 2022. Nice to find that. It goes into the fire safe.

Among the odd things that turned up: a copy of the installation disks for Macintosh System 7, and a copy of Microsoft Access Version 1.0.
Tags: household
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