Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Something We Didn't See On the Way to Chiba

Thanks to Lisa'a friend Scott for passing on this picture of a malfunctioning JR train -- at least, one of the comments says that it's a Chou-Sobu line train, which means there's a chance Lisa and I rode on it during our Japan trip when we went to Chiba, where we stopped and rode the monorail, then went on to Choshi and the Choshi Electric Railway.

I've been on a moving train that had a window blow out while in transit, which was rather scary. The problem shown actually might not be all that bad, since passengers would realize there was a problem and avoid it. And I've been on open platforms of moving trains and have even leaned out from open "dutch doors" on steam excursions. (I recommend goggles for that one.)
Tags: japan, trains
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