Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Bay Bridge Series

The Giants' current mini-road trip concludes with a three game not-quite-at-home stand: Friday-Sunday at Oakland. There appear to be plenty of good seats available, to the point where I figure I could go without having to pay the stupid "convenience fee" and could just walk up and buy a ticket on the day. Saturday and Sunday are booked, so I'm thinking maybe about going up on Friday evening. I could even take Amtrak up to the game, but the bad part of that is that the only way back is on BART -- there's no late-night Amtrak service -- and I'd have to walk 6 km home late at night or take a taxi like I do when returning from airplane trips. Taking the train to an A's game makes more sense on weekends, but I have SF in SF on Saturday evening and a conference call about the SF & Fantasy Translation Awards, so I guess Friday night it is.
Tags: baseball, trains

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