Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee


A local junior high school was running an electronics recycling event today. For a $10 donation to their gymnastics program, they took from me two old busted printers and an LCD monitor that would cost more to repair than it did to replace since monitors are so cheap. I deplore the waste, but I'm glad to get them out of my hands.

I revisited that old office chair that St. Vincent de Paul refused due to the damage on the arms. I fixed the tears with luggage-repair tape and took it to Goodwill. Their guidelines said, "Don't give us things that you wouldn't be willing to give to a friend or relative." Well, I'd give this chair to anyone who would take it, and would keep it myself it I wasn't out of space for such things. They took it from me; again, I'm happy to reclaim the space and I hope someone is able to make use of it.
Tags: household
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