Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Winding Up, Packing

Since I'll be in Oregon for three weeks, I need to draw down supplies here so I don't waste food; fortunately, I seem to have timed things properly. Because I'm driving, I'm engaging in the luxury of over-packing, such as taking all of my laptop computers "just in case." I'll need two daily anyway, since one is the work machine and the other I'll have to use for Skype for work telephone calls. (I can't use Skype on the company machine if I'm logged into the company network because the net-nanny blocks it.) And of course that means bringing all of the stuff like power supplies, cables, copies of the backups in case the primary drives fail, etc. I think of it as an offering to Murphy. I need to be able to work when I'm up there, and that depends on having all of my equipment working.

I find that I don't seem to have enough backup hard drives, given that my preferred backup is to clone the drives -- it makes it much easier to restore when it works. Maybe while I'm in Oregon, I'll go to Fry's and buy some more, if there are any IDE laptop drives still being sold.
Tags: computers, oregon, travel

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