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Whoop, There it Is?

As if there weren't enough things to worry about, a message on the CascadiaCon Yahoo! Group announced that a member of the convention "was diagnosed with whooping cough." The member continued, saying "at the time of Con, I was very contagious. I don’t know how you want to handle this. Anyone who was there could have potentially caught it and it’s very serious if it’s not caught early."

This is not the sort of thing I want to read when I have the sniffles from what I think is a cold I picked up at CascadiaCon. I was feeling better yesterday, but now the symptoms are back worse than before.

I am looking forward to a weekend when I don't have to do a whole lot of work and preparation for a major convention. Sleeping a lot sounds like a good idea to me.
Tags: cascadiacon, nasfic

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