Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee


I found the round stickers for the Tonopah bid. They were accidentally filed in a box of Match Game SF material. I'm glad to settle that; it's one less thing to worry about for the trip.

I do wish I'd been thinking far enough ahead to print some Tonopah bid fliers for someone to distribute at BayCon. travelswithkuma will be very cross with me for letting down the team.

Lots of packing to do. Like I said, I'm traveling heavy. I'm even taking the printer I bought on the last trip to Oregon back with me because it looks like there's a few things that need printing, and it's actually easier to haul a printer up there than to try and figure out how to get things to print on Lisa's father's networked printer, thanks to a baroque configuration.
Tags: baycon, kuma bear, westercon
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