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Glass(es) Half Empty

I got started nearly an hour earlier than I expected. As I started the van and went to put on my clip-on sunglasses, I realized that I'd left them in the office last night and hadn't noticed because it was after dark when I left. Until this past week I would have just switched to the backup pair, but that pair broke last week, so I was totally without sunglasses. And I'm sufficiently light-sensitive that I can't drive without them unless I were to only drive at night. So I had to divert to Walgreen's to buy a new pair of clip-ons. To my disgust, the only clip-ons they have are tiny -- they cover only about half the area of my lenses. Now I do wear large glasses, but this is silly. Oh, well, I didn't have much choice, and I was not going to spent all day driving around looking for alternatives, nor waste two hours driving back and forth to San Mateo to collect the glasses on my desk there. (Not to mention that if I did that, I'd certainly be stuck in traffic.)

Anyway, I headed up I-680 and 80 to Vacaville with only minor slowdowns in a couple of places, and had lunch in Vacaville. In a couple of minutes, I'm getting back on the road, having frittered away my entire head start on my schedule. It's not that big a deal, but I like keeping padding in the schedule.
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