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Sleepless in Fremont

I'm glad the Olympics only last two weeks. I don't think I could handle too many more days of insufficient sleep while sitting up late and getting up early to watch the games. Last night I watched the curling semi-final on tape while proofreading the next issue of Emerald City. This evening, I'll be dividing my attention between the women's gold medal match I've recorded and the prime-time coverage.

This morning, John Madden, talking on KCBS radio, was making fun of curling, saying it's a boring game. I wish it was a call-in show, because I would have called and asked Madden, "What about bocce?" (Madden is big on bocce.) It's a similar sort of game, with players sending projectiles down to a target at the far end of a long thin court, with only the team whose projectiles are closest to the target scoring.
Tags: curling, olympics

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