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That's an Improvement

Some of you will recall my annoyance with the Holiday Inn Bakersfield, whose web site claimed that it had a free shuttle to Amtrak but did not, and where I incurred $24 in unexpected taxi fares. I complained to Holiday Inn corporate, and this morning I got a call from the hotel manager, who says that if I send her copies of the receipts, they'll reimburse me for the cab-fare. She apologized for the inconvenience. She said that she asked corporate to correct the web site; it hasn't been changed yet, although it may be asking too much for such a change to happen quickly in a large organization like that.

Still, I appreciate the offer, and when I get back from Seaside next week, I'll fire up the scanner and send them the receipts. Nice that they do value my custom sufficiently to deal with the mistake.
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