Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
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After a nice seafood dinner at the Shilo Inn looking out onto the ocean, Lisa decided she could sacrifice the old shoe and we went for a long walk along the beach and back up to the Lewis & Clark Monument. As we walked past Ten Tiny Tees, we impulsively decided to play a rematch. We were just in time, as they closed for the night as we were on the course, and we were the next-to-last group playing. (We should have let that group play through. The three of them were playing far faster than Lisa and I were.)

I assumed that it was going to be another nine-stroke slaughter when Lisa aced the second hole again while I took a 4, but I played much better for the rest of the match, and managed an ace of my own. Going into the ninth hole, Lisa was two strokes ahead of me, but it was not going to be easy to get those strokes back. Because the tenth hole is just a target (hit the target -- a rare event -- and you score zero and win a free game; otherwise, score one), if I was going to catch up, it was going to be on the ninth hole.

Unfortunately for Lisa, the power started to fail on her tinnitus-blocking radio, and the spare battery was still back in the hotel room on its charger. Lisa also had been carrying an MP3 player with a masking tone, but its battery had also failed while we were on the beach. That wail in her ears is horribly distracting, and as she put it, she choked, taking a 5 while I somehow managed to sink the put for a 2. I won the match by one stroke, 22-23.

We immediately returned to the hotel so that Lisa could get her noise-masking radio running again. She sighed with relief as she got the new battery plugged into the radio. She hates the static, but she hates the high-pitched squeal of the tinnitus worse.

I got 7500 steps logged today, and the real number is surely at least 20% higher, as the counter is not registering steps well. It's not the ideal 10K, but it's still pretty good, and I expect to sleep well tonight.
Tags: lisa, seaside
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