Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Four Rain-Free Days in a Row?

Lisa's sister and niece are visiting for a few days from New Mexico, and they appear to have brought some sunshine with them, as the weather forecast is for the next few days to be without rain. It's a win for everyone, as her relatives are also escaping scorching heat for the temperate Northwest.

Although Lisa's foot isn't healed enough to allow her to do the work on That Darn Roof, I think we should be able to get some other things done like reducing some of the fallen limbs and logs around the property to burnable sizes so that we can haul them away, which will then allow us to mow in the areas where they are piled up.

With luck, I should be able to get away from work today around noon so that Lisa and I can go run some errands in Portland that she's been putting off due to the bad weather.
Tags: lisa, mehama, roof

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