Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Hello Bunny

A couple of nights ago, Lisa and I were walking down the road to her father's house about 10 PM when we saw a critter cross in front of it. A cat? (There are lots of cats here.) Lisa said, "No, I think it's a rabbit." As we got closer, we saw that it was indeed a small gray rabbit — not a jackrabbit, but possibly a feral household rabbit. It didn't run away, but carefully moved off a short distance and nibbled on the neighbor's lawn. Lisa went inside to drop off the stuff she was carrying to her father's house while I watched the rabbit. When she came outside, we started walking back down the road, and the rabbit got out in front of us. We fully expected it to run to one side of the lane or the other, but instead it stayed about the same distance ahead of us, loping along as we walked in its direction. Suddenly, we must have finally gotten too close to it, for it put on a burst of speed — toward us! It scooted by Lisa so closely that it almost hit her foot (which would have been painful as she had re-injured her nearly-broken toe that afternoon) and sped off into the night. Zoom!
Tags: lisa, mehama, wildlife

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