Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Steaming Pile of...

...woodchips, actually. As I walked to Lisa's father's house this morning, the sun was just hitting the "coal seam" disused drainage ditch on the property and from the pile of vapors coming from it, I worried that maybe somehow something was smoldering in the pile of wood chips from the tree falling work earlier this week. Examining it more closely, however, I saw that it was steam, not smoke. I should have taken a picture. The way the steam was coming off of the damp pile of wood chips and creeping across the field was very interesting. I still wish we'd realized just how much wood-chip debris there was going to be and told the workers to spread it into a currently-unused section of the "coal seam," because it would have been enough to completely flatten out the section in question, which would have been a good thing from our point of view.
Tags: mehama, trees

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