Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Back Home

I made very good time today, partially by skipping certain planned rest stops and not having a full lunch but by snacking along the way. (The half-pound of jerky I bought from the meat market in Mehama helped here.) I swung over to Sutter as I planned and visited my grandfather (and mother, who is staying with him) for Father's Day. I was very happy to see both of them, as I always am, but I knew that I was running out of stamina for the road trip and did not stay any longer, but got along back to Fremont.

Oddly enough, despite not exactly sticking to the plan plotted out by Microsoft MapPoint (I often do these on long trips to help me make sure I'm not putting myself in a travel hole), the total actual door-to-door trip from Mehama to Fremont came out to within less than two miles of the projected distance -- about 670 miles.

After I finish unpacking enough to get that far, I hope to get to bed early. I'm very tired.
Tags: family, travel
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