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While getting boxes of Match Game SF material out of my storage closet so I could start re-packing things for Westercon, I realized that I'd come close to forgetting to bring the ballot box. I ended up with both the large and small ballot boxes -- the large one purchased by Costume-Con a few years ago and a smaller one that fits inside the large one purchased so that there would be boxes for both the Worldcon and NASFiC elections last year.

I'm going to be pressed for space on the drive to Pasadena, so I'll be taking the smaller of the two ballot boxes with me. Interest in the Tonopah (Nevada) in 2012 Westercon bid notwithstanding, I don't think using the smaller ballot box should be a problem.

What may be a problem is fitting all of the MGSF tech gear, stuff for the Tonopah bid, and not at all incidentally me, Lisa, and Kuma Bear and our personal luggage into my minivan. I have a luggage rack on the roof, but I really don't want to have to use it. The last time I drove to Southern California with luggage strapped to the roof, one of the bags blew off in transit and we didn't realize it until we got to San Diego.
Tags: kuma bear, lisa, match game, travel, westercon

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