Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Westercon Looms

I spend this evening doing the first part of game prep for Match Game SF at Westercon, plus other preparation for the Tonopah in 2012 Westercon bid (flyers, posters, stickers) and for Westercon 64 (flyers, stickers) and other stuff that needs to be done before we leave for Pasadena. I'm glad I started on this tonight rather than put it off any longer. For some reason, the Tonopah bid stickers, which worked just fine the last time I printed them, had gotten off-register and it cost me an hour of fiddling with the PowerPoint file to get the file to line up with the circular sticker stock again. A lot of the other tasks required a lot of fiddling with cardstock or oversize printers to get things just right. The good part about running back and forth to the printer is that I did log 10K steps today for the first time since I got back from Oregon.

What's left is the hardest task: setting up the questions. Although we did get some new material, we need so many questions this year (eight games over two shows = 32 questions) that I'm sure we'll end up re-running material from past shows. That's okay for the audience, but less fun for the panelists who have heard the questions before. OTOH, none of them know exactly which questions are coming even if they are re-runs.

It's still not too late to send in your suggestions for questions for the show. Remember that Match Game isn't a trivia contest: questions should have more than one answer to a fill-in-the-blank question, and there is no one "right" answer. For example: "The Starfleet admiral said, 'Captain Kirk has the biggest ____ in Starfleet!'"
Tags: match game, westercon

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