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Go, Canada!

Well, Canada's men's ice hockey team might have slunk home with their tails between their legs (along with the US team), but their curling team did them proud. I was working from home today so I got to see the gold medal final live.

Canada crushed Finland 10-4, with Finland conceding defeat after the eighth (of ten possible) "end" (inning). The game had been pretty tight until the sixth end, when Canada was left with six stones (of eight) sitting in the "house" (the scoring target) with one stone left and Finland out of rocks. The only reason they didn't get an incredible seven is because the team's "skip" (captain) got so excited that he threw the last stone too hard and it sailed completely through the house.

Six! Curling is a game that where it appears that if you score more than one point when you have the "hammer" (last throw of the end) or anything when you don't (the equivalent of in tennis breaking someone's serve), you should feel good about it.

Now I can go back to getting sleep at night instead of staying up late and getting up early to watch curling matches.
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