Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Kudos to Day-Timer

As I wrote yesterday, I seem to have lost my 2010-11 Day-Timer refill set. This afternoon, I got a call from Jo Hamoui of Day-Timers, who had seen my grump, looked up my customer record, and offered to replace my set at a discount and waive the shipping charges. I was gobsmacked. "That's great!" I said, accepting the offer gratefully. The new set should be here next week sometime, so I should have it when I get back from Westercon, missing only a few days of July from my records. I can improvise with some blank sheets inserted into June if necessary.

It's easy to complain about poor customer service. I wasn't actually unhappy with Day-Timers in the first place — losing the refill set was my own silly fault — but this was fantastic proactive responsiveness on DT's part. I think it's important to praise good customer service as well, and this was something that I'll not soon forget.
Tags: day-timer
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