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Walking the Walk

This morning, I went for a short walk before breakfast in the hope that it would bring my blood sugar down below 110 (didn't work; 115), and a longer one after breakfast to again reduce blood sugar below 140 (didn't work; 145). That's what I get for skipping my daily walks twice in the past week. The effect of exercise is cumulative but it also stops working pretty quickly.

As it supposed to rain tomorrow, I got out and took a longer (6 km) walk out around Quarry Lakes Park late this afternoon. It was a bit later than I wanted, too, as it had become dark and cool enough for the mosquitoes to come out, and that's not pleasant at all. But I got the walk done.

Spring appears to be springing a little prematurely here, as I'm showing all the signs of hay fever. Unfortunately, I can't take antihistamines anymore because they raise blood pressure; otherwise, I'd be turning to Actifed.
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