Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Dodged a Bullet

During the break between the first and second games of Match Game SF, Westercon site selection administrator Sharon Sbarsky came in and (with permission) read the unofficial results of Westercon 65 Site Selection balloting: Tonopah 31, Seattle 54, with a handful of No Preference and None of the Above that didn't affect the result. The results are unofficial until received by the Business Meeting on Saturday morning at 11:30, but the upshot is that Tonopah had a very respectable showing and Seattle will host Westercon 65 in 2012. That seems to be a good result all around. Kuma Bear is pleased at how well the bid did, and I'm pleased that I don't have to chair a Westercon, since I was going to have to do so if we won and the Business Meeting dropped it on me.

On a different subject, there appears to be a way around the "pay for internet in your room" issue here if you do things just right, but it may not always work and I'm not going to write what it is here. I'm just happy that I can compose this post in my room before going to bed, because I have another busy day on Saturday, with a 10 AM panel, the Business Meeting at 11:30, and Match Game SF second show at 3 PM (move in from 1:30).
Tags: kuma bear, tonopah, westercon
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