Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Westercon Business

Saturday's Westercon Business Meeting took the following actions:

  • Received the official results of site selection: Seattle WA 54, Tonopah NV 31, Inyokern CA 1, None of the Above 4, No Preference 4; Needed to elect: 45 (majority of 88 ballots with preference). Thanked the tellers for their work.

  • Received the first official report from Westercon 65 in Seattle ("ConClusion")

  • Ratified the pending constitutional amendment (see 2009 Bylaws and draft agenda) that removed the 75-mile exclusion zone around the administering site.

There was no new business submitted. However, the panel immediately before the Business Meeting and in the same room crammed about 45 people into a 35-person room to debate the proposition that we "retire" Westercon at 65. No actual proposal was generated or presented to the Business Meeting, and thus there is no business passed on to Westercon 64 in San Jose.

Seattle's chair Bobbie DuFault made a nice presentation about their convention, after which Kuma Bear and Lisa Hayes were invited to comment, while Bobbie offered the two of them positions with Westercon 65. Lisa assured everyone that Tonopah would throw all its support behind Seattle. I won't comment too much, but it was touching to see Lisa overcome with emotion at having the Tonopah bid taken as seriously as it was intended to be.

I will be presiding over the Business Meetings at both San Jose and Seattle, and Linda Deneroff, who was Secretary here at Pasadena, has agreed to continue as Secretary for the next two years as well. She has already written the minutes, and once I've reviewed them I will submit them for upload to the Westercon web site.

Lisa recorded the meeting. Once I've had a chance to review and put together the video, I plan to upload it to Vimeo. The meeting lasted about 30 minutes. No procedural fireworks were on display.
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