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Surplus Sale

After the Westercon Business Meeting ended on Saturday, Lisa and I returned to the Tonopah bid table and put up signs announcing two new categories of membership in the Tonopah 2012 bid:

Post-Supporting ($10): Refrigerator magnet
Post-Apocalyptic ($20): Magnet and T-Shirt (Pre-supporters may upgrade for the $10 difference)

Both classes of membership are while supplies last. We only have a handful of shirts remaining, and there will be no more.

The Tonopah bid donated memberships to Match Game SF and one of the contestants won a post-apocalyptic membership. While we didn't have her size at the prize desk, we did tell her to come back to the table on Sunday because we do have a shirt left in her size.

We will not be at the table until the bitter end, because we have to check out of the room (we do have an extended 3 PM checkout), and we need to leave tomorrow afternoon and drive partway north. We also might not be there first thing at 10 AM Sunday, because we might sleep in just a little bit.
Tags: kuma bear, lisa, tonopah, westercon

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