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Aside from a minor construction-related delay near Salinas, Lisa and I made excellent time from Paso Robles. We made one ten-minute rest stop on the approximately 200-mile trip, and it took about four hours. After shifting the heavy stuff, including the entire Match Game SF tech kit, into Lisa's van, we went and refueled the Vanagon, then got some smoothies from the Jamba Juice near my office. I offered to take her to lunch, but she decided that as it was only 2:15, it would be better to try and get going and with lunch beat the traffic. After saying good bye to her, I walked back to the office, and decided to go ahead and go home and beat the transbay traffic myself.

As I headed east on the San Mateo Bridge, I heard that there were bad traffic tie-ups on the approaches to the Golden Gate Bridge, which is bad because Lisa intended to leave by way of the GG Bridge and "across the top" on CA-37. I hope she wasn't too badly hung up in traffic.

I got home to Fremont and unpacked as fast as I could. I want to go take a nap, but I see that some work-related e-mail needs answering, and I hate to leave my co-workers hanging.
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