Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

I Thought So

I got an unsolicited call about "lowering my credit card rate" from an unidentified company. Just for laughs, I actually pressed 1 to talk to the boiler room rep. When I asked, "My telephone number is on the National Do Not Call Registry. What existing business relationship do I have with your company that entitles you to call me under the Do Not Call Act?"

He gave me the runaround, mentioning lots of different credit card company names; I have cards with some of them, and not with others. It was pretty difficult to understand exactly what he was saying, given his heavy accent, but there was no specific indication of where he was.

I asked him for the name of his company and the telephone number from which they were calling. He tried to get me back onto his sales pitch. I interrupted him and said, "You're never going to actually sell me. I believe that you are violating Federal law and want the information I requested of you, which you are required by law to give me, in order to file a complaint with the FTC."

He said he was sorry and that they wouldn't call me again, but wouldn't give the name and number. Of course I didn't expect him to do so, and said, "Oh, so you are breaking the law! Goodbye!" and hung up.

Not that I actually expected him to follow the law, of course. These operators are blatant scam artists, and I let myself get trapped by one once; never again. I don't mind using up their time and telephone money, though. If they had business-reply envelopes, I'd mail them bricks.
Tags: finance

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