Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Lost Weekend

Well, the weekend wasn't a complete waste. I got the Match Game boxes repacked and the heavy box (and the poster tube and the question stand-up) are already packed in the van. Everything not going north is finally packed away in the closet where it will stay until I need to get it out and get the small stuff out for OryCon. I managed to get in three 5km walks around Quarry Lakes in three days, which was good for my health. And I went and washed the van, which hasn't been washed in months and was looking pretty dirty to me. (It's just not as noticeable on a brown van as it would be on a lighter-colored one.)

As I did not go to California Extreme, I did go play one pinball machine that is within walking distance. If I'd gone CE and played every possible moment, it works out to $2.40/hour. My "burn rate" on CSI was, by my recollection, less than that, so I don't feel at all cheated.

Otherwise, I stayed home and rested. Indeed, I nearly didn't get a walk this afternoon because right after lunch, when I was getting kitted up to go for a walk, I was hit with an overwhelming wave of sleepy and fell asleep for about two hours. But thanks to long summer days, it was still light when I woke up and I got that walk in anyhow.

This will be my last quiet weekend for a while. I have travel and plenty of work to do ahead of me in Oregon, and there's also the Oregon Steam Up in Brooks (north of Salem on I-5) to attend. If you're in the area and would like to see a huge collection of steam-powered equipment, vintage tractors, and electric trolleys, come on down to Brooks.
Tags: oregon, pinball, steam-up

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