Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

It Figures

Because I can carry such things with me, having the available space and all, I packed up my multifunction printer/scanner/fax machine last night and plan to take it to Oregon with me. So of course this morning I get a notice on my Flexible Spending Account that I could easily resolve this morning if the printer/fax were connected and I could fax them the documentation on the $750 I spent on new glasses a few days ago.

(Yes, that's a lot. I splurged and bought a pair of prescription sunglasses, which I've never had before, and paid for the lightest-weight lenses and all of the fancy options, mainly because I have too much money in the FSA this year and if I don't spend it, I lose it. I wish you could roll over unused FSA money, and indeed told my congressman's office that allowing FSA rollovers would have been a good thing in any health care reform, but instead they made FSA's less useful by removing coverage for over-the-counter medication.)

Well, I'm not going to go unpack the printer now; it's buried under boxes in the back of the van. This will just have to wait until next week in Oregon.
Tags: insurance, medical

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