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Too Much Soup For Me

I ate the last helping of the Infamous Pea Soup for lunch today. Because it was raining, I did not go out for my customary afternoon walk. An hour later, I took my blood sugar reading.

It was 198. Ouch. That's bad. Anything over 140 is bad; readings in the 200-plus area are worse. (If it were above, say, 300, I'd call my doctor.)

So I decided I'd better go for a walk regardless of the rain. Fortunately, it had let off a bit, so I was able to change shoes (I keep sneakers in the van) and put in 2 km. I cut it short when the light shower turned into heavier rain.

I don't do a lot of extra tests, as they cost $1 each and insurance only pays for two a day, but a 198 worried me, so I retested. 72! Darn it, that's almost too low. Diabetes control involves keeping the levels steady within a range. I expect what we saw here was a surge followed by a crash as my body finally got around to producing enough insulin to metabolize the carbohydrates in the soup, and overshot the mark.

Grumble. But it does show that I should try to get those walks done regardless of the weather. It was raining harder than I would like for me to stop at the van and chance back into my wingtips, so I'm wearing the sneakers in the office, but nobody pays attention to this sort of thing around here, and even if anyone did, I've got a good excuse.
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