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Rolling Right Along

I got away about 90 minutes earlier than I originally planned, which is good because I had longer to go this time than I did last time — I'd booked the Holiday Inn Express Central Point OR instead of Yreka CA. Yreka is almost exactly halfway, but it was $30/night more expensive. I'm surprised at this, because when I got to Central Point I couldn't get a Platinum room upgrade because they were nearly full on account of the County Fair going on right down the street.

Stopping for lunch at Vacaville as usual, I found that the Fresh Choice now has free wi-fi, so I could take my computer in and check my e-mail as I was eating. This is good because I had work-related matters to deal with, but it also meant that lunch lasted 90 minutes instead of 60. But I made very good time once out on the road, and didn't make another stop until my scheduled fuel and rest stop at Redding. Whew, nearly 40C out there, and that's actually below what I might expect for late July in Redding.

While out on I-5, the Service Engine Soon light on my van lit up. Then it went out. Then it came back. For the rest of the trip, the light came and went. I don't know what the problem is, but I guess I'll have to take it to the dealership in Stayton this coming week to have them read the codes. Fingers crossed it isn't something too expensive.

Thanks to making fewer stops (one quick rest break at the rest area north of Yreka), I got to Central Point just after 9 PM, 90 minutes ahead of schedule, so my head start was exactly how much extra time I got.

After moving in to the hotel room, I checked to see if I could get internet connectivity, and the answer was "wi-fi only," as the wired connection didn't work. Then it was down to the hot tub, as the pool closed at 10 PM and after nine hours of driving, I needed a soak of my cramped legs.

Feeling better after that, I took stock of the room. Now I remember why I've skipped Central Point in my previous trips: It's one of the few HIX hotels that doesn't have refrigerators and microwave ovens. Fortunately, I could get some ice from the ice machine to cool down the small ice chest that I carried with me with sodas so that they'll stay cool through tomorrow. I haven't decided where to stay on the drive back south in three weeks, but I'll try to remember that Central Point is not at the top of my list. Yreka would be best, but their location seems to make them the priciest choice. There used to be a HIX in Weed, but it changed affiliations, so if I don't stop at Yreka, I have to go clear to Redding, and that's an even more expensive Holiday Inn, rather than a HIX.

The only walking I'd gotten today was ten minutes walking around the Klamath River Rest Area, so I decided to walk toward the fairgrounds, not to see the fair, but to check out the Family Fun Center that I'd noticed on past trips. Unless I want to play mini-golf, I won't have to go back; they have only two pinball machines, neither of which is in good condition. Phooey.

Finally, it was back to the hotel, stopping at the Pilot truck stop on the corner to get a little bit of snacks for dinner. I found some of the dill pickle flavored Pringles that I like and that no store at which I shop in the Bay Area seems to carry, so I bought a couple of them along with some cup noodles, which I could heat using the hot water dispenser in the hotel's breakfast room. It's not fine dining, but after lunch at Fresh Choice, I hadn't been very hungry this evening anyway.

I drank a lot of caffeinated stuff on the drive up to keep me alert; unfortunately, that means that I'm having trouble winding down sufficiently to sleep.
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